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Graphics & Animation Video Services

​For a video to achieve actionable results, you need people to watch it.  What better way to capture the attention of your target audience than through animation.

Animated videos are an exciting and effective way to relay a message. From unique character drawings to dynamic text, these videos are typically 1-2 minutes in length and are an excellent way to share information in an engaging way.  At RaffertyWeiss Media, we can create a video that showcase:

  • 2-D Original Graphic animation
  • Whiteboard animation 
  • Dynamic text animation
  • A combination of all three!


Public Service Announcements
TV Commercials/Spots
Issue Advertising
Graphics/Animation Videos
Website Videos
Fundraising Videos
Federal Government Videos
Training/Instructional Videos
Corporate/Marketing Videos
Association/Non-Profit Videos
Interactive Media
Multicultural Videos
Radio Production
Print/Stills Production
Video Hosting

​The team at RaffertyWeiss can create videos that communicate any kind of idea, product, or service.  The uses of graphic animation are limitless. Our experience and expertise allow us to create creative animated solutions for our clients. We will work with you to create a storyboard, then animate the video in house. We guarantee high quality, creative solutions to our clients seeking animated video.

Can't decide if you want a video with graphic or character animation? Call RaffertyWeiss Media at 301-495-9021 today to learn more about our animation video solutions.

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