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“FS-ISAC Conference Opener”


Federal Reserve Board of Governors
“Welcome To The Federal Reserve!”


“AviationManuals Marketing Video”

“Business Intelligence Through Location”


American Hospital Association
“Hospitals Across America”


National Board For Certification In Occupational Therapy
“Aspire Software Explainer”

American Institute of Architects
“Materials Matter”

US Chamber of Commerce

Department of Defense
“Eyes Closed”

Century Council
“I Know Everything”

Fannie Mae
“Mortgage Securitization Process”


Department of Education
“REMS TA Center Pre-Training Video”


Catholic Charities
“Who We Serve”


“How 1Ticket Works For You”

Digital Globe
“World View”



National Board For Certification In Occupational Therapy
“Navigator Tool Explainer”

Fannie Mae

Fannie Mae

Lockheed Martin


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
“Turning The Tide”

“What Can You Do With 4G?”

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Food and Drug Administration
“Food Safety”

Project Rebirth

Combined Federal Campaign
“My Way to Give”

Fannie Mae
“Selling Guide”


Department of Education
“Emergency Operations Plan ASSIST Explainer”


Department of Education
“REMS TA Center Post-Training Video”

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RaffertyWeiss Media produces a variety of animated and dynamic text videos for advertising agencies, PR firms, corporations, associations, non-profits and the federal government. Our storytelling techniques using animation and text videos are cost efficient and the turnaround time is normally much faster than traditional video production. Well produced animation and dynamic text videos can be visually rich and can get your message across in a short time period. Corporations, federal, state and local governments, non-profits, and Educational Institutions are just some of our clients that are using text videos to communicate, inform and market their mission. We have also produced a variety of text animation pieces for television networks, web sites, marketing presentations, trade shows and internal and external meetings.

More and more clients are using RaffertyWeiss Media's dynamic text animation services to energize their communications in a variety of categories: sales/marketing, public relations, fundraising, informational and training
RaffertyWeiss Media can bring your organization's story to life with customized dynamic text animations that entertain, inform, train and motivate your audience.