“Voices of Prevention” - SAMHSA
“Crossing The Cultural Divide” - Department of Justice
“Ish’s Story” - Department of Labor
“Ben’s Chili Bowl” - DC Health Link
“Peer Support” - Centers for Medicare and Medicaid
“JAG Corps” - US Navy
“Seabees” - US Navy
“Buckle Up & Survive” - Department of Defense
“Eyes Closed” - Department of Defense


At RaffertyWeiss Media, we have written, produced and directed a variety of public service announcements, outreach, educational, and training video productions for the federal government over the past 20 years.

Our video production experience and work with the federal government agencies has been incredibly diverse.  We have produced numerous national broadcast public service announcements (PSA) campaigns for the Department of Labor, Department of Justice, Department of Health & Human Services, Peace Corps and EEOC.  We have also produced many non-broadcast outreach, informational and training videos for several Department of Health & Human Services agencies that include NIH, CDC, CMS, NIDA and SAMHSA.

Another federal government broadcast media outreach public service campaign we produced was for DOL’s Office of Disability Employment directed towards small and medium-sized business owners. This PSA was produced to make business owners aware that hiring people with disabilities is good for the bottom line. The PSA dispelled the myth to business owners that the 50 million people with disabilities are loyal and productive employees if given the opportunity.  RaffertyWeiss was able to create and produce two PSAs in both English and Spanish.  We used real people with physical and intellectual disabilities to carry our message in this PSA.

Our full-service video production services for the federal government agencies does not only include broadcast media outreach but many internal training and informational videos as well.  For the Department of Health and Human Service’s SAMHSA we produced and edited over 300 video interviews with health care professionals explaining an innovative drug-screening program in hospitals and healthcare centers across the country. RaffertyWeiss producers traveled to eight cities (including Anchorage, Alaska) over a two week period and interviewed social workers, doctors, and healthcare experts as they explained their own challenges and outcomes of their drug screening programs and how it continues to be successful. These videos are currently being shown on an internal Learning Video Gallery website hosted by SAMHSA for other health care professionals to gain some knowledge on how this program might work in their particular city.

RaffertyWeiss Media has the expertise, experience and creativity when it comes to producing federal government video production from broadcast media outreach public service campaigns to compelling public informational and training videos.