“Everyday”   Department of Homeland Security
“Climbers” - Noble Energy
“Facing The Facts”  Centers for Disease Control
“Working Works”  Department of Labor
"Holiday Greetings”  Polish National Foundation
“Lessons On A Chalkboard”  Centers for Disease Control
“Alexa” - American Speech Language Hearing Association
“Time Capsule” - Centers for Disease Control
“Who I Am” - Department of Labor


RaffertyWeiss Media offers advertising production services that includes both regional and national TV and radio commercials and public service announcements, as well as print advertising. RaffertyWeiss has been producing issue awareness and product-oriented advertising for over 15 years. As a production company we cast and work with professional talent from all of the country, but we have also developed a niche for effectively incorporating “real people” into our clients’ advertising campaigns. This strengthens the viewers’ ability to identify and connect with the message, resulting in a successful campaign.

We have written, produced and directed issue awareness, image/brand spots, and public service announcements for the Department of Labor, American Red Cross, Discovery Channel and Dominion. We are a full-service video and media production company that writes, produces, directs and edits broadcast TV and radio spots for both large and small advertising agencies and national public relations firms across the country.

We have extensive television commercial production experience; more specifically, in producing vast, award-winning commercials and public service announcements. In fact, many of the public service announcements we have produced earn millions of dollars in donated media time each year. Ad agencies, in-house advertising/marketing departments, PR firms and branding companies have enjoyed working with RaffertyWeiss because we take what can be typically a high-stress production environment, and turn it into one that’s creative, fun and collaborative while still delivering a high-end product that gets your message across.