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What is VirtualEvent.Center?

VirtualEvent.Center is a safe, reliable and effective way for your organization to successfully hold conferences, meetings and panel discussions in an online environment.

Our solutions are designed for associations, nonprofits, corporations, educational institutions and federal, state and local government agencies looking to bring their live or pre-recorded conferences or meetings into the virtual online realm, while maintaining the highest possible quality and reliability.

Whether your attendees can’t be there in person for your live event, or if you prefer to host your event 100% virtually, VirtualEvent.Center has the tools and experienced team ready to make your virtual event happen easily and seamlessly.

Virtual Conference in a Box (VCiB) Kits

Kits include a laptop computer, high end webcam with a light, a condenser microphone, multiple headphone options, and the necessary software for broadcasting or recording to our platform.

VCiB Kits are easy to setup and once powered on, our remote technicians will assist your presenter with configuring and setting up both their presentation and the live stream feed.

If your virtual event requires real-time conversation, such as in a panel discussion, we can architect special low latency streams that allow for a free flow of communication between presenters in different locations.

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Remote Support & Presenter Coaching

With our VCiB “Self-Setup” Kits our team is able to provide remote support and operate the kit from anywhere in the world. Once your presenter sets it up, we’ll handle the rest!

For recordings, our remote technicians are able to run a teleprompter application so your speaker can easily give their presentation directly to the camera and look great doing it!

Included with the VCiB Kits is also a presenter coaching session. One of our producers will give pointers on best practices for presenting virtually, such as backgrounds, clothing, where to look, and even advice on presenting to an audience you can’t see. Sessions are available to any presenter you have at your virtual event and can easily be scheduled anytime before the day of your event.

Backdrops and Green Screens

A popular option that we have available to accompany our VCiB “Self-Setup” Kits are step & repeat backdrops.

These custom branded, fabric backgrounds are quick and easy to set up, and they look fantastic on camera!

For an even higher level of customization we offer green screen backdrops for chromakeying. Please note that green screen setups requires additional lighting equipment and consultation time with one of our remote technicians.

The Virtual Command Center

With the current state of affairs, having numerous people in the same place at the same time is neither safe nor feasible. That’s why we’ve created our Virtual Command Center.

On the day of your event, all communication and logistics are handled seamlessly through the Virtual Command Center. Virtual Command Center remote personnel receive all live feeds from your presenters, handle the coordination and switching of the live broadcast, and cue and play any pre-recorded content – all while ensuring the highest possible quality and reliability standards.

That’s just another way of saying, “we handle everything!”

Interaction Options:

+ Connect with your Audience

VirtualEvent.Center provides a number of interaction tools to boost attendee engagement of your virtual event. These tools include:

  • Live Group Chat
  • Social Media Feeds
  • Polls
  • Surveys
  • External Website Links
  • And other custom options as needed

We can also provide functionality to allow attendees to ask questions (anonymously, if desired), and to upvote questions that others have asked.


+ Virtual Breakout Sessions

On top of your keynote presentations, you can connect with your attendees through virtual breakout sessions.

Once there, attendees will be able to interact with each other in group discussions or just watch one of your presenters share their content.

Some Features for these sessions include:

  • Live Group Chat & Private Chats
  • Attendee Polling
  • Virtual White Boards
  • Presentation Upload
  • YouTube Video Integration

Interaction Options:

+ Hosted Micro-Site

A micro-site is a dedicated website of one or more pages for your event.

Each micro-site is custom built for the needs of your event. They can be as simple as a single page containing the agenda, speaker bios, and the live video player, or as complex as a site with registration, videos from past events, presentation viewers, file libraries, live captions, chat windows, and Q&A widgets.

The micro-site can be custom branded for your virtual event and can be managed by either our team or yours. Your micro-site would be hosted as a subdomain under our website, or if desired, it can be hosted at a custom domain of your choosing.

+ Existing Website Integration

Another option we offer is integration of our player and interaction tools into your existing website. We can send you the necessary code snippets for each component and answer any technical questions your team may have. This option is ideal for larger companies with a digital or web support team that prefers to handle their own content.

+ Sponsorship Opportunities

Most live events cannot happen without the support of sponsors. With this in mind we’ve built in sponsorship opportunities to our platform, both in stream and on our micro sites and player pages. This allows you to sell branding space to your sponsors easily and efficiently.

In your virtual event, we’re also able to incorporate sponsorship videos and promotional slides between sessions.We can also incorporate in-stream content allowing for sponsor branding on specific sessions or for the duration of the event.

Security: Locking Down your Virtual Event

We realize that not all virtual events are designed to be publicly
accessible. Some are for internal teams or registered attendees only. We take security very seriously and because of that, we offer several options for protecting your virtual event from unwanted eyes. These options include:

  • Delayed Link Distribution
  • Password Protection
  • Intranet Only Player Pages
  • Single Sign On Integration
  • And more custom solutions to fit your company’s needs

Analytics for your Virtual Event

Depending on your needs, we can provide a variety of analytics to help you quantify the reach and impact of your virtual event and identify prospects for future follow-up.

We offer a few options for Analytical data including:

  • Basic Analytics
    • Number of Viewers
  • Intermediate Analytics
    • Number of Viewers
    • Viewing Time
    • Geographic Location
    • Operating System / Device Type
  • Advanced Analytics
    • Individual user behavior, including when and what content they watched.
    • Requires users to register or log in.

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